USB Ports

First things first! If you have kids then chances are they have gadgets.. Phones, tablets etc. Every parent knows that to have a good road trip you have to keep the kids amused.

Now I’m all for sight seeing and seeing new places but kids are kids and sometimes they just want to watch a movie, play a game or in the case of our 13 year old read or watch things about 1 Direction (hey Amani).

I said I was going to install USB ports in our last vehicle and never did so I decided this was the first thing I was going to do.

I went and purchased 2 x dual Navrva USB ports. Approx $30 each, not cheap but well worth it, trust me.

With some wire laying around I tapped into the Auxiliary port in the rear cargo area by removing the rear door seal and popping off the side panel enough to get at the rear of the Auxiliary plug.

Using some wire I had at home tapped into the back (I always solder, hate just crimping) and ran the wires under the carpet to both sides of the seat. I can’t recall the gauge but it would have been an over kill at about 10amps. This allowed the ports to only be operational when the vehicle was on or on accessories.

I drilled three holes, 1 for the wires and 2 for the nuts and bolts to secure them (per side).

Plugged them in and now both kids have access to their own dual USB ports. No more my phone is flat or can you please charge this for me.

I only have one rule… when we are at or near our destination the kids put down what they are doing / watching and look out the window.


Auxiliary port which was tapped into.

Modification / Addition Approximate cost: $70


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