Tyre Pressure Monitor

The ugly cigarette socket in the dash.

As you know the Pajero Sport was not new when I bought it and one thing it was missing was the cigarette plug to cover up the hole in the centre of my dash above the gear shift.

I set out to find something I could fill the gap with and settled on a Tyre Pressure Monitor. I looked around online and in local shops and settled on one from ARB due to the small foot print and being about the right size. No I could have ordered one online for 1/3 of the price but I wanted a warranty and some where I could take it if it stopped working.

From memory I paid about $265.00 with a bit of a discount as I have purchased a lot of stuff from ARB in the past. I opted for the external sensors to make it easier and I was not thinking at that stage about a tyre change and therefore the tyres would have to be removed to install the internal sensors.  Looking back I wish I had have purchased the internal one as about a month later I changed tyres. DOH!

Fitting was easy and they came with locking nuts to prevent people from stealing them however I found that they are a pain in the ass when you want to air down and you need the little spanner to unlock them. I have since removed the locking nut and just treat them as normal valve caps. Should they get stolen, I will just replace them with internal ones in the future.

Just screw the tyre sensors on plug in the little display unit into the cigarette socket, set the tyre pressure to roughly what your tyres are and thats it. Once you drive you get live pressure readings. Further, if you start to lose pressure in one of your tyres you get a warning beep. You will also get warnings if the battery in the sensor is running low. From memory they last a long time.

At night time the display is not overly bright which is something that I like as the last thing you want when driving at night is a bright light in your face.

Recommendation: Buy the internal sensors for ease of 4wding.



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