Snorkel OEM vs TJM

When you go to the Mitsubishi service centre and the guy behind the desk tells you to put a branded snorkel on instead of the OEM you start to ask questions.

I’ve always had a TJM snorkel on all of my 4wds, I think I just like the shape of them compared to some of the other ones you see getting around. I went to the service centre because I figured that there would not be a snorkel out for the Pajero Sport being as new as it is.

Turns out the the OEM snorkel supplied by Mitsubishi is not a sealed unit and does not increase wading depth. The standard wading depth on the Sport is 700mm, which isn’t bad, but having flooded a 4×4 before I don’t want to take a chance.  As explained to me by the dealer it is to induce cleaner air into the engine. Why call it a snorkel?

Being turned off by this I went straight to TJM and had a snorkel fitted. A true sealed snorkel! You will be looking at some where between $750 to $900 fitted which is quite fair considering the factory one was $927 and not sealed.

A must if you plan to cross any water in your time. But remember if its flooded, forget it!






7 thoughts on “Snorkel OEM vs TJM

    1. I wouldn’t say the wading depth is increased as such as there are a lot of electronics below the standard wading depth. If it’s installed sealed then it is going to protect you from any water splashing over the bonnet and be evidently sucked into the air intake. I’m sure in total it has increased the depth but it I’m comes down to how much you want to risk with the depth of the crossing.


  1. Have you also installed breathers for the diff, transfer case, transmission etc? I am reluctant to go axle deep without them due to ducking in water through the grease seal.


  2. Do you know if there’s any way to positively seal the OEM snorkel? Would’ve been nice of them to let me know before I bought the car…


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