Storage Drawer (Part 2 of 2)

Warning: this post will be picture heavy!



Ok, to recap part one – after I made the drawer I installed the following:

  • 105aH Gel battery
  • Thumper Max Air Compressor (running a remote switch) and cooling fan.
  • CTEK D205S DC DC charger
  • Volt meter
  • Dual USB ports
  • 1 x Auxiliary port
  • Quick access Air fitting
  • Auto Drawer LED lights


Once everything was tested I set about installing the drawer. I removed the two left hand side tie down points and cut a hole in the bottom part of the drawer allowing me to bolt the drawer directly to the vehicle at the back.

The back of the drawer behind the seat was a little more complicated and I ended up making a bracket  which was bolted to the drawer and then in turn bolted to the vehicle using the second tie down point.

Once the drawer was all bolted in, I tested it and there was no movement at all and I was confident it was pretty well secured.




I forgot to mention that when I designed the drawer I made a hatch so that you could still access the jack panel on the left hand side.  I also used the hatch to run my wires in and out from solar panels and alternator when I finally get around to wiring it up.

The hatch also gives me access to my inline fuses should anything go wrong.





This is a photo of the drawer installed with the top removed. You can see that all the wiring fits neatly and protected in the gap between the drawer and the wheel arch.

I am able to remove the top of the drawer by removing about 8 screws. I did not design it to be done on a daily basis but just in case I needed to access anything in side.



The end storage draw was 600mm in length. The drawer in this photo is fully extended and locked in place by the drawer runners.


I was going to cover my solar panels in this blog but I will do a separate one so I can include photos of how I ran the cables into the vehicle.

And that concludes the making of the storage drawer.

If you have any questions about the electronics or the drawer itself, let me know. You can contact me directly on the contact page of this website or to make it easier just click here.


Note – Email recipients, to view any videos contained within blog posts you will need to click on the blog post title and view in a web browser.




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