GPS Speed Check

Want to check you vehicle speedometer against a GPS speedo??

Why not just the built in GPS speedo on the Pajero Sport head unit.

***WARNING*** Always drive responsible and never take your eyes off the road while driving. If possible get your passenger to do the following.

First, access the secret menu of your radio. This can be done as demonstrated in this video.

Once in the secret menu, on the fist page select “Vehicle Signal Info”

This page will appear.

GPS Speed


As you can see at the time this photo was taken I had a very dirty dash… and I was also travelling at 98 Km/h.

Now the accuracy of the GPS speed will depend on the number of satellites. More the better. Anything 9 and above will be pretty accurate. You can check the number of satellites by going into “GPS info” on the main screen of the secret menu.

The following screen will appear.


This GPS screen will also give you your Latitude and Longitude.




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