Broken Bash Plate Mounts.

So about a month or so ago I headed up to Landcruiser Mountain Park for the night with some other Pajero Sports. We set up camp and decided to hit the tracks. A short time later I could hear a rattle coming from under the vehicle and within seconds identified that I had broken a mount that the bash plates bolt into. 19510575_10213742593703405_2281895836364465182_n

How’s that for bad timing? Never the less we continued on and had a ball. I highly recommend a visit to the park, there are a variety of tracks for everyone.

Once I got home I ordered some heavy duty mounts from Custom Off Road Accessories, the same place where the bash plates came from.

If you haven’t seen the blog about my bash plates, then click here!.

I unbolted the bash plates and ground the weld flat where the mount had broken. The standard mounts are about 1.5mm think whereas the heavy duty ones are approx 4mm.

I decided to do the other side while I was at it. I took to the factory mount with a hammer to see how strong it was and sure enough with a few hits it was already nearly off.

A quick clean up with the grinder and I was ready to weld on the new ones. Now I don’t claim to be the best welder in town but it was pretty easy to do. I clamped on the mount followed by a few tacks and they were ready to weld.

I welded both sides and a bit at the top. Not the easiest to weld above you, and if you do, make sure you are wearing your safety equipment.

About 10 minutes later, and fresh coat of paint and I was done. I bolted the bash plates back on and I was ready to hit the tracks again. Just looking at the mounts I can see they are at least 5 times stronger than the standard ones. I did not bother changing the rear ones at this stage, however I will when they decide to break.

Until the next adventure, mod or repair.. Happy 4wding.






7 thoughts on “Broken Bash Plate Mounts.

  1. Hi
    Have you had any overheating problems. The original has far more air vents plus a plastic air director. What did you do with that?


    1. Hi, I removed the plastic air dam and never put ti back on. I have had some heat issues when I was towing in NT, (very hot conditions), It was cause from a combination of the bash plates, Bull bar and winch. I just need to redirect some airflow. Maybe cutting down the air dam and putting it back in would do the trick. Just haven’t gotten around to it.


      1. I have a Triton and did the same. Broken bash plate mounts. Common when changing to the heavier bash plates. As to the plastic air dam, i cut mine down and refitted it. With bull bar, winch, driving lights etc it gets pretty restricted , having said that the only time i have had the Triton run warmer than normal was towing 2.5t van in South Australia on a 45 degree day into a northerly gale! I just slowed down to a bit less than 80Kph and took it easy. So I haven’t been too worried about air flow in 4 years of owning a Triton and now onto the second set of bash plates mounts and bash plates, I am still happy with it.


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