Front Dual USB Charging Ports

Ok, so I have already posted about adding dual USB ports for the kids in the back, but now it was my turn! Sure, the Pajero sport has USB ports in the center console but for me, I found them to be a pain, hard to get to and your phone automatically connects to Android Auto or Apple Car Play.

I wanted ports that could simply charge my phone. For that I tracked down some ports that would easily fit into one of my existing blanks. I found myself back at Air on Board where I located some OEM style ports. The USB ports for the Pajero Sport can be located by clicking here (Read to the end, there is an issue with it not locking into the blank).

Once they arrived installation was easy. I removed the fascia that surrounds the stereo by pulling on the side of the air vents where the arrows are in this photo.


Once I had access to the blank I removed it and pushed in the new dual USB ports. Using a fuse tap which I purchased from Jaycar Click here,  I located a fuse that was running auxiliary power and tapped into it to power the USB port. I chose a fuse which was a decent rating as these USB ports can draw up to 4 amps with two devices plugged in.

Once powered up I simply put everything back together and tested the ports.

Now one thing I did find was that although these fit perfect into the blank they do not actually clip into the blank properly, which means when you go to pull out the USB, the ports come with it.


This is a bit disappointing however the first port I tried from Ebay did not even fit, so a dab of hot glue solves the problem for me.

So if you are in the market for some more USB ports, this might be the option for you.

Remember to have an Auto Electrician or a qualified person do any electrical work on your vehicle. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.







7 thoughts on “Front Dual USB Charging Ports

  1. Great Idea with the additional USB ports in the dash. A question that may seem stupid but where did you add the hot glue? At the back top of the switch panel? From the inside somewhere (behind the dash) or somewhere else.


  2. How did you actually get the facia panel off I have every way and cannot do it I have done the light bar switch that was great but really struggled with facia panel


  3. Hey bro , i am really curious about the indicators (the left side of hazard button) what are those? If u have the part number maybe u can contact me, appreciate it


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