Floor Mats or Bedrock Liners

The guys from Bedrock Liners sent me some of their liners for the Pajero Sport to use and test.


First of all, I’ve had my Sport for nearly 5 years and I’m still using the original OEM mats that came with the Pajero. Now whilst they have held up fine, they did not do much of a job protecting the carpets from dirt and mud etc. However, that being said I never knew any different and it was not until I received the Bedrock Liners that I realised all the time I wasted vacuuming the carpets over the years when simply all I had to do was remove the liner, give it a hose and put it back in, job done.

Installation – Once they arrived, I pulled them out of the box and left them in the sun for 30 minutes. The liners are made out of a hard material, I could not tell you what they are made of, but with a lifetime warranty they must be durable. Once I had heated them up a little and they had return to their original shape after being folded into the box for postage I simply pulled out my old mat, spent about 3 to 4 minutes vacuuming all the sand, dirt and rocks out of the carpet and then slipped the new liners in.

As the liners are formed to the contour of each floor well, each liner fits like a glove. The liner is compatible with the factory retention point on the drivers side locking the liner securely in place.

The second row liners are a little trickier to fit as they are a one piece liner which covers the centre carpet in the middle. No more telling the kids to make sure their muddy feet are on the mats!

Here are some questions I’ve been asked about liners,

Are they slippery? In my opinion they are not. They are also a textured surface.

Are they easy to fit? Yes took only a few minutes to fit the full set.

How much are they? It all depends on your vehicle but for the Pajero Sport they are just under $200 for a complete set.

Where can I buy them from? Click Here

Are they really that easy to clean? You be the judge – See video below.

Final thoughts – Overall I am very happy with the fitment of the liners and how they feel under my feet. As someone who is is always away camping and 4wding, I can see that these liners are going to make clean up after a trip just so much easier. Don’t take my word, grab yourself a set, you won’t be disappointed.

Cleaning Bedrock Liners

2 thoughts on “Floor Mats or Bedrock Liners

  1. Thanks for the review on this. I’ve been wondering how these mats are like. It’s good to see there is a bit of overlap on the plastic step panel.

    Are you able to take some footage or images of the rear mats? Do they also come in the third row set?


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