Scratch Resistant Paint Protection???

A while ago I was online when I started seeing ads for scratch resistant paint protection. I never thought much about it and always declined paint protection when purchasing vehicles from a dealer. I know when the dealer offered the paint protection it was quite expensive and I always took reasonable care to look after my paint work anyway so I figured I just don’t need it.

My last 4×4 was a Nissan Navara and to be honest I didn’t look after it as much as I should have but after all it was only $30k and was purchased as a 4wding vehicle and beach runner. However things changed a little when I got the Pajero Sport Exceed as even thought I only paid around 43k it’s a $50k plus vehicle. I also plan to keep this vehicle for a long time as it has all the features and room we require as a 4×4 and road tripping on and off road vehicle.

A few months of owning the Sport I went 4wding and ended up on some tight tracks and in turn the unavoidable happened and I ended up with a nice scratch from the front all the way to the rear. I did eventually cut and polish most it out but it took quite a bit. At that point I started looking into this paint protection I saw online. The promo video was a 4wd driving through thick bush coming out the other side without any scratches. Being a little skeptical I umm’d and ahh’d for a few days before biting the bullet and purchasing the paint protection.

The stuff is called Mr Nano Mighty Armour scratch resistant paint protection. Click the link to go to their website. The price seemed reasonable at around $190.00 but I took up their option of “afterpay” which split the payments over 8 weeks. The other good thing was they are located in Australia.

A couple of days later the paint protection arrived however I quickly learnt that you need a sheltered area / garage to apply the protection and then wait 48 hours for it to cure before you drive it again, all of  which I didn’t have, so I had to wait for a time when there was no wind forecast.  Application was relativity easy. I just washed the Sport, buffed out any already present scratches, used the cleaning solution that come in the kit and then used the applicator pads to wipe on the paint protection. I then buffed it with the supplied cloths. I took the risk of applying it in an open area as I said I didn’t have a garage available. I was mindful that if there was any wind or a neighbour decided to mow then there was a possibility of having dust and dirt particles stuck in the paint permanently. I guess the best way to describe the Paint Protection is as a thin layer of resin?? Nano ?? thin that covers your paint therefore protecting the paint and providing scratch resistant properties. My words not thiers, I’m sure there is proper terminology for the gobley gook I just wrote.


I have had the paint protection since the beginning of the year and can say it stays a lot cleaner now as nothing really sticks to the paint anymore. The above is a photo after 4wding in the mud and then going through rain on the way home. You can see how the dirt stuck to the untreated bullbar and wheels but the paint… clean.

So how does it fair with scratches??? After a recent 4wd trip where there were some tight tracks which caused some stomach turning sounds as branches and sticks slid down the side of the Sport.

I feared the worst and as soon as we stopped for lunch I inspected the Sport. As I thought, I picked up some scratches…

I was quite relieved when I ran my thumb over the scratch, which I thought I would have to buff out when I got home, and watch it disappear right before my eyes.



After I rubbed my thumb over part of the scratch. This scratch totally disappeared or just wiped off.




After: Just wiped off.


I can say I am quite happy with the paint protection. I’m not claiming it will protect you from all scratches but it does a good job at preventing them as you can clearly see in the above images.

A quick hose down and back in the garage until the next adventure.




4 thoughts on “Scratch Resistant Paint Protection???

  1. Hey mate, how have you found the coating in the long run in preventing scratches when off roading? I have a silver Pajero Sport that’s already copped a few battle scars and would like to prevent more if I can.


    1. Sorry mate, I missed this comment. Amazing. So glad I applied it. Make sure you buff out the scratches before you apply it otherwise they will be there for good as it puts the coating over the top.


  2. Hi – awesome blog – thanks!! I’m about to take delivery of a Sport next week and having a great read here 🙂 One thing I’d like to ask – other than paint protection did you/do you do anything in the way of say underbody chassis rust protection? Cheers, Shane


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