Roof Racks / Roof Platform

Roof racks or fuel economy??? You can’t have them both.

As I have said before, being a new vehicle on the market you have to wait for companies to bring out accessories or you have to improvise and make your own.

The only listed roof tray or basket I could find was from a company called front runner but this turned out to be for an overseas model (challenger) and not the Australian Pajero Sport.

I wanted to mount a LED light bar on the roof so i decided to go down the path of a Rhino Platform. Now I must warn you it was not cheap but when there is nothing else in the market that suits, there’s not much you can do.

The Pioneer platform I fitted was 1478 x 1184 14kg $679.00 with black Thule wingbar roof racks $433.00 – Total $1112.00.

The reason I went the Pioneer platform was because of their modular accessories and the fact that you can nearly make anything fit it as you will see in future posts I’m sure.

To date, the majority of Pajero Spots that are running roof trays are running the Pioneer Platform. This could change in the future should another company bring out a tailored platform for the Sport as this system is a universal system.

I must also make note that my fuel economy went from 8.5L/100km to an average of 10.7L/100Km which sucks because the Pajero Sport only has a 68 litre tank.

Now I must confess when I had it fitted I hated it but once I started adding accessories it turned out not too bad and in the end I am happy with it. The bare platform alone looks a bit weird. Pictures below.

Once fitted with accessories…….


2 thoughts on “Roof Racks / Roof Platform

  1. What sort of dynamic loading does the set up withstand and can you mount something like a roof top tent to it? I’ve just purchased a Sport and looking at platform and racking options. Thanks in advance.


    1. If I recall it’s not more then 60kg. I’m not sure I would use it to bolt a roof top tent to. You might be better off running 3 roof rack bars and spreading the weight. I have seen roof top tents on Frontrunner tray, but not the pioneer tray. On the trip to Uluru I had 40L, maxtrax’s, solar and 2 x light bars so, over 50kg which it handled no dramas.


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