Maxtrax and mounting options

Never used them but never leave for 4wding without them.

We’ve all seen photos or videos of people stuck on the beach or in a national park. As much as I know some day I’ll get myself in a jam, I’ll also be happy too. That will be the day I get to finally try out my Maxtrax.

Using them was not my issue, finding a suitable location for them was. I initially purchased a side mount as I did not want to take up all the space on my rack until I drove at 100kph… talk about wind noise!

I purchased a flat mount for them which takes up a lot more room on my tray but that trade off was a lot less wind noise. One thing to be aware of is that depending on what size rack you have, the mount may not fit all the way to the side, like mine does.

I purchased mine from Roof Racks Galore.

The side mount was $89.00

The flat mount was $ 149.00

and the Maxtrax locking pins were $45.00

Maxtrax themselves were purchased from supercheap on a sale for $225.00 for the pair.

When you look at it, that’s quite expensive and you could easily fabricate one up yourself. I use the flat mount when I don’t need to carry anything else on my roof other then solar panels and swap to the side bracket for long trips away where I need the roof space.

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