MCC Rocker Bar

I’ve mentioned this before, but when you buy a new model of vehicle, there will be delays for accessories. The bullbar was no exception to this.

I searched the Web, I attended a number of local 4×4 stores, but what was letting me down was that no vendor had a bullbar that fit the Pajero Sport Exceed. They started making them for the GLS and GLX but not the exceed. The excuses were all the same, you can’t fit a bullbar to the exceed because of the forward facing radar and front camera. I started to wish I had bought an GLS and saved myself some money. I did some research and couldn’t work out why it was not possible.. adapt and overcome?

I stumbled upon the MCC Bullbars. After heaps of research I was in two minds. There was a lot of negative feedback about MCC and their lack of customer service and some posts about bars not fitting correctly.  I made my own inquires and sent off some emails which were all answered. The main question was, will this bar fit an Exceed? The answer was yes.

I decided to bite the bullet and went to a local MCC dealer at Rothwell who were quite helpful and made further inquires for me to ensure it would fit my vehicle.

Just as it was determined to fit, it was realised that the MCC rocker Bar or any of MCC bars did not allow for the headlight washers, there was no provisions. By law, if the vehicle is fitted with the headlight washers you can not remove it otherwise you would be driving a defected vehicle. I asked the dealer if it would be possible to transfer over the existing washers into the bar, they were unsure and after a few discussions we decided to give it a go.

I dropped off my vehicle and agreed to leave it there for 3 days so that they could fit, cut and install washers, remove and paint and then refit.

I opted for the bar to be painted the same colour as the vehicle as it’s quite a big bar and even though I knew it would stand out I thought by having it colour coded it might bring it back just a touch.

*** Price $3150.00 supplied, modified, painted and fitted ***

For those that are unfamiliar with the rocker bar style, it does not have any loops over the headlights (you can add them if you want though I found out).

Another main reason for wanting a bull bar was clearance. Whilst the Pajero is a capable 4×4 the clearance was an issue for me, it was pretty limited. I figured with a new bar and a lift I could reach far beyond the places I went with my Navara.

Time came to pick up the Sport and well… as I thought.. it was large, probably larger then I expected. Because there are no loops on it, it visually sticks out the front of the vehicle. I toyed with the idea of putting loops on however I did not want to be like everyone else.

This is the first photo I took of the Rocker Bar fitted.

As I drove home that day I remember thinking… what have I done.. do I like it? Its not like I can just take it back, I’ll just learn to live with it. That I did. As the days went on I started to like it. It increased my clearance like I wanted. It looks different to all the others like I wanted, it was just missing something… I needed to fill the space where it stick out, however once again I was told that I could not mount anything like spot lights on the front of the bar as the forward radar would be affected. I don’t like to be told I can not do something especially when there would be no reason why you couldn’t (in my mind).


I decided I would pull the front of the vehicle apart and get a better look at the radar.

After a little more testing with trying to block the radar I came to the conclusion that there was no reason why you couldn’t fit some spot lights providing they were far enough away from the radar itself which sits behind the Mitsubishi logo.

I ordered some 7 inch LED sport lights again from the 4wd Supacentre for about $150.00

Now I already had fitted the LED Light bar so adding the spot lights was easy considering I had already tapped into the high beam wire.


Check out my Instagram for more photos of the MCC Rocker Bar

23 thoughts on “MCC Rocker Bar

  1. What happens to the forward facing camera? I don’t mind whether I have it or not, but curious to know whether they just terminate the wires or if they mount it to the bar?


    1. Brad, the camera was moved to the grill just right of the radar. If you cut a square hole on the front of the bar it could be relocated to there. Or alternatively put it in the left hand side of the grill because thats a better position then the right side for parking etc with the aerial view. Because the camera is not dirrectly in the centre the image is slightly off on the aerial view. If you unplug the camera the aerial where the front camera was will just show blue. Hope this helps? If you want photos just met me know.


  2. your PS setup looks freaking awesome! Thanks for sharing all this very useful information. I’m sure the PS Exceed fraternity will appreciate your work.
    Now my question is, how will the rocker bar installation fit with Mitsubishi’s factory warranty and insurance side of things? How did you check to make sure that this custom rocker bar is road legal please?


    1. Thanks mate! Happy to help. MCC rocker bar is ADR approved along with their side steps. So for insurance that’s fine and a legal mod. As for Mitsubishi, I have had no issues what’s so ever. The big thing for them is if something goes wrong with the modded part that may void that part from warranty. So a bar for me is fine. It is for this reason that I have not modified the engine or drivetrain as they are the biggest ticket items for me. Everything else is fair game :-).


  3. The bar looks great. I’m about to invest in a new Sport exceed and am seriously considering doing the same mod so have a few questions..Hope you don’t mind.
    How is the bar going?
    Anything you wish you’d done differently?
    Did you have to upgrade the suspension to cope with the extra weight of the bar on the front?
    It looks like you have a winch? WHat one is fitted? and changes to the bar or car to enable fitting?
    Thanks in advance


    1. Hey mate. Bar is good. And still very happy with it. I wanted clearance and I think this bar gives the nose clearance out of the ones available. Being an exceed I did have to modify it and put the head light washers in it to keep it legal. All you have to do is cut two rectangular holes so you can transfer the factory jets. I did up the suspension as the bar weighs about 66kg. The winch I added was an ironman 12000lb synthetic rope. You can add it later without removing the bar but that also adds another 20kg at the front. The bar will come with everything needed for fitting. If you decide to fit it yourself let me know and I can put you in touch with MCC head office. Cheers.


  4. Back again. I just spoke to the local MCC outlet. He advised that as the washer bottle had to be relocated the washers wouldn’t work as there wouldn’t be enough pressure. Obviously yours do. How’d you do it?


    1. I’m away from my vehicle for a few days but I can send you some photos when I get if you like. The washer bottle gets relocated up to behind the battery. I can confirm that the headlights, windshield and rear window all work as normal.


  5. It was a general enquiry at Roadway Mufflers Belconnen ACT. I believe they’re the only MCC dealer in the ACT. He did say he could do anything I wanted, obviously at cost, but as per above, stated the washers wouldn’t work due to lack of pressure. He would relocate the camera to underneath the front of the bar. As I am yet to purchase the Sport I didn’t go into too much detail or ask for a quote.


  6. Hey Mate, Just a quick question, I’m currently going through the process of purchasing the GLS and everyone is telling me I cant put lights on the bar (including the MCC guys) because of the front radar. How have you gone with having those two kings lights there any problems or interference. Cheers


  7. Hi, another Queenslander here! I’ve enjoyed having a look through your blog. Some great mods – congratulations! I’ve just picked up a new Exceed and am thinking about a bulbar or rocker bar. I’m interested to see how you worked out how far to put your spotties apart so they don’t interfere with the front radar. This seems to be the major sticking point for Exceed models. Any advice?
    David H


    1. Thanks mate, it was quite simple. I installed them in the designated holes for the spot lights in the bar, simple as that. I did test it prior to installing. If you actually pull the radar apart it’s quite a narrow beam.


  8. Hi,
    Just wondering if you can clarify if you can snatch off of the to ker bar directly? Does the bar connect to the OEM recovery points. If so, can you use the original points or not after installation? Thanks, Greg


    1. Hi, I have winched off the rocker bar several times. No dramas at all. I would not recommend snatching off it although it would probably be fine. Before any of the above make sure the bar has been installed correctly with the locking / securing bolts drilled and installed. You can access the original points with the bar installed. Cheers.


  9. Hey mate…nice set up….I have the exact same model and am just decking it out now. What tyre spec are you running?


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